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My Training Background

Komondor Sensation and Michelle
Michelle and her Komondor Sensation Champion NA Meadow View Instant 
Sensation,  AGI, CD, CGC

I trained with Dulles Gateway for 15 years Dulles Gateway Obedience Training Club (DGOTC). 

For the past 15 years, I ran the obedience program at Pender Vet.

Dog Showing Credentials

I earned two breed Championships in the conformation ring, agility titles, and obedience titles in both AKC and UKC. My most rewarding accomplishments have been earning the first agility title with a Komondor in the United States and earning the UDX (Utility Dog Excellent) obedience title with my Standard Poodle, Chaucer.

My Training Philosophy

There are a hundred ways to train a dog! No one way is right. I will suggest my favorite ways to train and see what works best for you. We will train using positive motivators such as food, vocal praise, toys (rope toy or ball), petting, and playing. It is great to incorporate playing into training so that the dogs really look forward to the session.

I will teach dogs NEW to obedience luring ways to get them to do what you want; all positive training. For those dogs not new to obedience, you are welcome to give gentle corrections. A correction can be a simple "no" or "Aah!" or a slight tug on the leash. The learning phase is positive and the practicing phase involves corrections. A dog should never be corrected unless they already know what they are doing. Corrections are also used for bad behavior like snapping, growling, or barking at another dog. Do not soothe your dog by talking or touching them when they are acting badly. First correct your dog. Then channel their negative energy into a positive activity that will mold them into having the positive behavior that you want. Then praise praise praise!

My Doggy Experience


Chaucer the Standard Poodle
Standard Poodle Chaucer: U-CDX AGI Chaucer Mountain Bear, UDX, NA, CGC

My Standard Poodle Chaucer used to be the worst dog in the obedience classes. Hyper was his middle name. I jealously watched handlers in the advanced classes with their dogs retrieving dumbbells OFF lead! I couldn't believe my eyes and decided I had to get to that level with this crazy dog. I then took class after class and read as many dog training books as possible. Chaucer became a well-behaved gentleman and a good demo dog for my group classes. I am very proud that we earned the AKC UDX title. The experience I had with Chaucer taught me so much about dog training. Overcoming our weaknesses made me feel confident teaching others to do the same.


Kashmir and his friend Biscuit
Kashmir the Komondor: Champion, UCD Ari's Elysia Kashmir, CD, CGC

Komondors are Hungarian guard dogs. They can have an aggressive tendency and my Komondor Sensation developed issues both with the other Komondor in the house and with my young daughter. As a dog trainer in obedience, this opened up a whole new world for me. It was not an obedience issue but a behavioral one. I worked with private trainers, read books about aggression and behavior, and developed my own training methods. There are so many ways to train dogs and not one method works for all dogs. After tireless training, I had the aggressive tendencies totally under control.

This year I offer a technology to view how your dog acts when you are not in the room or house.  It is a valuable asset to see how your dog acts when no one is looking!

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