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"We just had our first session with Michelle earlier this week.  It was a life changing experience.  She packed so much useful information into that first generous hour.  Michelle is very professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  She effected impressive changes in just our first hour of work together.  Our Rottweiler has pulled me around town on walks for nearly a decade.  I can now walk him comfortably and safely after just one lesson.  It's already made a dramatic difference in our lives and the lives of our dogs.  Michelle has been very nice, easy to work with, easy to contact and schedule.  A complete pleasure.  I highly recommend her as a resource.  No matter how much you know about dogs already, she can teach you something new, useful and practical with ease.  Steve in Hamilton, Va 9/30/14

"Would you believe, within half an hour, that dog was following my Dad around, letting him pet him, and basically treating him like an old friend? By the second day, my Dad had Chandler on his lap, rolled over on his back and getting belly rubs like a big ol' love sponge. This dog used to HATE my Dad."  Mary in Leesburg, Va 11/12/14
"While Spunky is not always a good listener, this week has been SO much better!  You are a miracle worker!!  THANK YOU!!"  Nancy and Spunky in Ashburn, Va  1/29/15

"My dogs have always been Reading Buddies with the second graders and special needs kids at the school where I taught.  So I started taking Pippin in when she was just eight weeks old, holding her on my lap and letting her get used to the experience.  As she got a little older, she became more active and less cooperative.  But today was a different story.  She responded to my verbal commands, even without a treat in my hand and was noticeably calmer and better behaved.  Teachers remarked on the progress and I told them about Puppy Kindergarten at Pender.  So you may be getting more students in the future!  Thanks for your help in civilizing the little one!"  Diane and Pippin in Fairfax, Va 1/20/15

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