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Training Programs

All private training programs include 
*custom training in your dog's home environment for your specific dog's needs
*a written synopsis of the training topics you received and
*30-days of email advice and support for any training questions with
*no upfront payments since payment is due when services are rendered.
*Clients are not financially obligated for any number of visits.  Therefore, if life gets too busy and you can not continue the program, you are under no such obligation.  This is a benefit most training programs do not offer.

Single Visits The fee for private training at a client’s home in the areas of Western Fairfax (areas near West Ox Road), Sterling, Ashburn, Brambleton, Leesburg, Eastern Purcellville, Southern Lovettsville, Hamilton and Paeonian Springs, VA is $90/hour or $130/90 minutes. There may be an additional fee for areas more than 15 minutes away from the town of Leesburg.

Problem Solving Program This program is for dogs that have some minor problems that their owners would like to change. Many times the visit I go on is for dogs that don't listen to commands, and they may jump on people and counter surf.  Or maybe your dog pulls on leash and has bad manners greeting guests.  This is for the dog that is mostly good but needs some training in a few areas.  The program includes two visits, time dependent on your specific dog's needs. $180 (two one hour visits) to $260 (two one and a half hour visits). I will evaluate your dog and give you the tools to solve your problems, then follow up that training with another visit to see how things are going and tweak the training for your success.


Puppy or Basic Training Program
This is a comprehensive program for clients that want to know all of the training details to turn a new dog into a trusted and well mannered family member.  The program includes six visits, time dependent on your dog's needs.  $540 (6 one hour visits) - $780 ( 6 one and half hour visits). The topics covered are: 

  1. What to do in a new environment
  2. Equipment; Collars and Leads
  3. Collar Safety, Car safety
  4. How to give a command
  5. How to get your dog's attention
  6. Handling the Pup (collar, food, body)
  7. Sit, Down, Stand
  8. Recall - Come, Here, Home
  9. Off
  10. Biting - several options to stop the behavior
  11. Mouthing - teaching dogs to take treats politely
  12. Stealing/ Counter Surfing
  13. Jumping
  14. Potty Training
  15. Crate Training
  16. Working through Fear
  17. Settle
  18. Wait
  19. Stay
  20. Dog Walking
  21. Heeling
  22. Proper Retrieving and Play
  23. Visitor Greeting Manners
  24. Oral Hygiene
  25. Dog food
  26. Grooming
  27. Barking
  28. What to do when your dog doesn't come when called
  29. Leadership
  30. Socialization
  31. Exercise Program

Beyond Basic Training Program
This program is for the more seasoned dog owners that don't need to know the obedience ins and outs, they are ready to just go for the basics of teaching the dog to sit, down, stand, look, come, heel and stay.  Each week we will work on these basic topics to get you handling your dog well.  Three visits is a suggestion however, you may have as few or as many visits as you like.  $270 (3 one hour visits) - $390 (3 one and a half hour visits).

Intermediate Training Program
This program is for dogs that have successfully completed the basic or puppy program and you would like to continue the training.  At this level you will take your knowledge to the next level.  We will proof your obedience which means your dog learns to listen to you despite distractions.  We will practice Canine Good Citizen exercises such as greeting other people with dogs.  We will work on distance work for your recalls and stays.  Training will extend your dog's ability so that your dog can work up to off lead training.  $270 (3 one hour visits) - $540 ( 6 one hour visits).

AKC Star Puppy Testing and Canine Good Citizen training and testing are also available.  Training time is dependent upon the knowledge of the owner and dog.  (See single visit for a CGC Evaluation and workshop.)

A cancellation fee of $40 will be charged for less than a 24-hours notice.


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