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Hi! My name is Michelle Jackson and I am a local dog trainer in Leesburg, VA. I've been training dogs and their people for over 25 years.

I now offer training via live stream. Check out the details below.

Why do a Private Training Session?

Customized Training Session

Every dog has his or her own personality and behaviors. Some are shy, some are full of themselves, some are energetic, some are couch potatoes, some are submissive and afraid, and some are overly dominant and a handful. During the training session, I consider such factors as your dog's temperament, breed, age, sex, general health, history, and drive. This information helps me to customize the session to address your particular dog’s behavior concerns. Not only am I helping train your dog, most importantly I am training you to train your dog. Proper handling techniques make dog training much easier! Techniques and tools can be adapted to suit individuals or situations as needed. Even other members of your family can be involved.

Train Soon!

Sometimes our dogs join our families between group training sessions and it is ideal to train your dog as soon as you get your dog or puppy.

You will find my fees for services reasonable because I really enjoy working with dogs. I hope you will also find dog training fun and worth every bit that you put into it.

Two cotons and a poodle

Two of Michelle Jackson's dogs

Train at Your Convenience

People in Northern VA are busy and have busy schedules. Instead of fitting you and your dog into a set schedule, you can do private lessons when the time of day and day of the week are convenient for YOU. Also you do not need to sign up for lessons in advance. Train once or train many times. Schedule what you feel you and your dog need.

Make the Most of Your Time

One private lesson can put you ahead of those in a group class by several weeks. Your hour is action packed so you are not waiting on other people. You have the freedom to ask as many questions as you like and practice something over and over until you have it. You can go at your own pace and focus on the problem areas your dog has so that your hour is worthwhile.

Scheduling & Fees

Please email me your address and I will email you a training quote.  Sessions are  $95 for an hour or $135 for an hour and a half. My training areas include Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg, Eastern Purcellville, Southern Lovettsville, Hamilton and Paeonian Springs, VA. There is an additional fee for areas more than 15 minutes away from the town of Leesburg.  A cancellation fee of $40 will be charged for less than a 24-hours notice. (Click here to see information on training packages!) 

NEW! Training via Skype, Google Duo or FaceTime - Only $80/hour. Quick, convenient, and economical.


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Michelle Jackson